DEVILLE BIO “Heavy Lies The Crown” Album 2022

Celebrated 15 years as a band and about to continue to tour the world in 2020 it all took another turn as we know. To not totally put everything on hold the only thing the band could do was to start write music and for the first time the band was doing writing on demand. It became a weird, long ride and changed somehow the usual writing process with members writing in different constellations and on their own. The first songs were written without any destined direction or theme so the last ones were more written from a perspective of what the album needed. Having the songs ready in early 2021 ”Heavy Lies The Crown” went through the filter many times more than a Deville record have done before and made the it more diverse than the band maybe expected. There are still the grooves, hooks and heavy riffs that the band is known for but a lot metal and progressive influences also that take some songs in unexpected directions.Everything from sonic journeys to fast heavy rock. What the band does best. In 2004 in Malmö, faith united four musicians to form Deville, a heavy rock band with infectious energy. Armed with their authentic fusion of rock, metal and stoner, they got their first release out in 2006 and started to tour. Since 2004, they released five albums, played more than 500 shows and festivals all over Europe, the United States and in Australia and shared the stage with great acts as Red Fang,Sepultura, Torche, Mustasch and many more. Hungry for more, they are back with the new album ”Heavy Lies The Crown” out September 2022.

Offering clever dynamics and evincing broader emotions to elevate Deville above the mediocre Orange Cabinet-abusing masses out there.” - Blabbermouth

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